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Acoustic Neuroma Clinical Care Pathway

Our Medical Advisory Board, under the direction and leadership of Dr. Gelerah Zadeh has been diligently working on developing an Acoustic Neuroma Clinical Care Pathway. The Acoustic Neuroma (AN) Clinical Care Pathway is intended provide detailed guidance for each stage in the management of a patient with an AN over a given time period (such as treatments, interventions) including progress and outcomes. The Pathway will be updated through a process of systematic evaluations for relevance and applicability. “It should be considered a tool for creating a roadmap for those newly diagnosed with VS and help navigate their care and treatment course” says Dr. Gelareh Zadeh, Neurosurgeon at Toronto Western Hospital in Toronto and Chair of ANAC’s Medical Advisory Board. An additional feature is that our Medical Advisory Board can facilitate Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) reviews for registered ANAC members. To facilitate this unique process, we are currently working with our website administrator to have a secured, registered-member-only login section available by Spring 2013.