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National Office Resources

Information Booklets (Free to all ANAC members)

  • A Basic Overview
  • Diagnosis & Treatment Options
  • Eye Care
  • The Facial Nerve: Possible Damage and Rehabilitation
  • Headache
  • Improving Balance

Please contact the National Office of the Acoustic Neuroma Assoication of Canada if you are interested in receiving a copy.

ANAC Brochures:

Print out these brochures (in colour or black and white) and distribute them to interested friends, your family physician, your ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist or local neurologists and neurosurgeons. (If you would like larger quantities of them sent to you for distribution, contact our National Office and they will sent them out by mail.)

Acoustic Neuroma: Caring! Sharing! Supporting!
This brochure provides information about acoustic neuroma, ANAC and its purposes and services. Use it to increase awareness of AN and/or our organization.

Finding Qualified Medical Professionals
When initially diagnosed, few patients have a clear idea of where to turn in their selection of a qualified medical professional for treatment of their tumour. This document provides some useful suggestions...

Patient Headed Peer Support
If you have volunteered as an Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada peer support volunteer, you will be asked to speak with newly diagnosed patients. This is a tip sheet for sharing your experience. . .


Sept, 06 - Check this link to the Canadian Hearing Societysite for information on Tinnitus...

International Acoustic Neuroma Associations

Acoustic Neuroma Association United States
Email: [email protected]

Acoustic Neuroma Association of New Jersey
Email: [email protected]

Acoustic Neuroma & Meningioma Network

The British Acoustic Neuroma Association

Acoustic Neuroma Association - Australasia
Email: [email protected]

Acoustic Neuroma Asociation NSW
Email: [email protected]

Acoustic Neuroma Association - New Zealand
Email: [email protected]

Danish Acoustic Neuroma Association
Email: [email protected]

The Seattle Acoustic Neuroma Group
This site has a pretty good overview of treatment options, including some information on alternative treatment options.

Acoustic Neuroma Association - Germany
(no website known)
c/o Marianne Blancbois
Am Karpfenteich 61 22339
Hamburg, Germany

Associated Organizations

Alberta Neurofibromatosis (ABNF) Association
Description: This Alberta-based organization (relatively new in 2005) provides information and support to those affected by Neurofibromatosis. Contact them by email at [email protected]

International Radiosurgical Association
Description: Provides information on radiosurgical approaches to Acoustic Neuroma treatment, including treatment centre listings and patient bulletin boards.

Gamma Knife Surgery in Michigan
Description: MidMichigan Medical Center specializes in Gamma Knife surgery for Acoustic Neuroma and serves patients from Western Ontario.

The Vestibular Disorders Association - Portland OR

Treatment options for acoustic neuroma
A Health Technology Report
Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research

Acoustic Neuroma and Skull Base Surgery
Ear Specialty Group
Springfield NJ

Acoustic Neuroma
by Timothy C. Hain MD
Northwestern University Medical School
Chicago IL, USA.

Staten Island University Hospital
(search for 'acoustic neuroma')

The Acoustic Neuroma Database

American Tinnitus Association

Complications after AN Surgery
Finnish study
Helsinki University Central Hospital, Finland

The National Neurofibromatosis Foundation
Canadian Affiliates

Entific Medical Systems
Information about the BAHA hearing device

Healthy Hearing
The Homepage of Hearing Healthcare
A Comprehensive Health Directory

The Brainscience Foundation
This site, recommended by one of our members, has interesting information on brain tumors, including an a patient education guide entitled "Brain Tumors and Fatigue"

Clinical Trials and Noteworthy Treatments for Brain Tumors, presented by the Musella Foundation
This site, as indicated by the name, contains information about clinical trials related to brain tumors.