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President's Message

Hello and welcome to the Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada website. The Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada (ANAC) is the only organization in Canada serving the needs of patients with an Acoustic Neuroma.  An Acoustic Neuorma (sometimes termed a vestibular schwannoma or neurilemmoma) is a benign tumour that arises on the eighth cranial nerve leading from the brain to the inner ear. ANAC is a patient-headed, peer support group. Many individuals who face and undergo removal of AN’s have questions, concerns and, physical and emotional adjustments.  ANAC was formed to give moral support. The Association is an incorporated, registered, not-for-profit organization recognized as such by the Canada Revenue Agency.  We are operationally sustained by donations. ANAC was founded in 1983 when Virginia Garossino, Linda Gray and Velma Campbell met for the first time.
Today, ANAC continues to move forward.  2014 marks the 31th anniversary of the Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada. ANAC's purpose is as important today as it was in 1983. The Association’s greatest success is the continuing belief of a dedicated membership that the need is still relevant, and that the volunteered time, information and support gives hope, education and friendship to others searching for it. This open, supportive style of sharing, giving and receiving has developed a wonderful network of members, medical professionals and connections. Join us! New members and stakeholders are warmly welcomed. Should you have any questions or would like further information on becoming a member please contact the National Office at 1-800-561-2622 or by email at [email protected]