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Two ways to participate with ANAC: Membership or Registry

You don’t have to become a member of ANAC to use this website or receive information and assistance from the Association. We are happy to assist you in any way possible. Feel free to use any and all of the resources contained in this website. However, ANAC's leadership would like to invite you to become involved, if possible, and to that end ANAC offers you two options for participation in the organization: Membership and Registry.


ANAC encourages you to become a member. By becoming a member of ANAC you will receive ANAC’s quarterly newsletter, The Connection, and you will have the opportunity to actively participate in promoting the work of the organization. As you probably understand, volunteering can be one of the most rewarding experiences possible. ANAC provides you with opportunities to actively volunteer with local chapters, participate in fund raising events and have a say in how the organization operates. You may be willing to serve as a director of the organization or contribute your skills to any number of worthy initiatives. Your membership dues ($45/year) and charitable contributions will help make the work of the organization possible.

If you want to help ANAC promote early detection of acoustic neuromas; if you want to provide information and assistance to newly diagnosed AN patients and if you want to raise awareness of AN overall, please consider joining with ANAC by becoming a member.

ANAC Membership/Registry Application Form available here

Please print out and mail to this address OR email us using our webform "Contact ANAC" below.

Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada

Attention: Theresa Forson, P.O. Box 193 Buckhorn, ON K0L 1J0



Thank you for your support of the Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada. We look forward to being able to continue to serve you in the future.


To better understand the number of Canadians affected by Acoustic Neuroma and how we can best serve them we ask you to join our patient registry.  The information you provide will not be shared with a third party without your permission and will be used by the ANAC to identify and meet the needs of Acoustic Neuroma sufferers. Thank you!

Privacy Statement

The Board of ANAC advises that registry and member information is not used for any commercial purposes and the data is not sold. Personal information is not shared with other members or organizations without asking permission first.

However, while ANAC has taken reasonable steps to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of personally identifiable information that you may provide, electronic transmissions via the internet are not necessarily secure from interception and so we cannot guarantee the security or confidentiality of such transmissions.

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