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About Us

Our Founders

The Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada (ANAC) was founded in 1983 by acoustic neuroma patients Virginia Garossino, Velma Campbell and Linda Gray. Based out of Edmonton, the three women underwent acoustic neuroma surgery within a year of each other. The women encountered individual sets of difficulties and recovery courses. Through their challenging journey they discovered there was little information and support for Canadians dealing with the rare, benign cranial tumor. Finding strength within each other, the three established ANAC, a charitable organization designed to support the complex needs of acoustic neuroma patients across Canada. Since then the association has grown to several hundred members across Canada with local chapters in several cities. ANAC continues to actively pursue the goals envisioned by its founders.

Our Purpose

The Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada is a patient-headed, peer support group. It is an incorporated, registered, non-profit organization recognized as such by Canada Revenue Agency. Many individuals who face and undergo removal of acoustic neuromas have questions, concerns and physical and emotional adjustments. Our purpose is to:

  • Provide support and information to individuals who have experienced acoustic neuromas
  • Educate the public regarding symptoms suggestive of acoustic neuromas, thus promoting early diagnosis and consequent successful treatment
  • Furnish information on patient rehabilitation to physicians and health care personnel interested in the treatment of benign tumors and the alleviation of post-surgical problems
  • Promote and facilitate research into the causes and treatment of acoustic neuroma

Our Services

ANAC is a highly regarded, membership based organization that supports acoustic neuroma patients and their families through the helpful nature of support groups and a Peer Database Registry. It is through ANAC’s goal of information sharing and public education, early diagnosis may result in successful treatment for all patients. ANAC supports ongoing research of the cause, development and treatment of acoustic neuroma and other benign cranial tumors.

The Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada:

  • Produces and distributes a newsletter which contains professionally authored articles, self-help and other information and news about ANAC and its activities
  • Acts as an information exchange for patients.
  • Makes available information booklets to newly diagnosed patients
  • Responds to individual members' non-medical needs
  • Provides opportunities for patients to communicate with others in their geographic area
  • Promotes public education about symptoms which may indicate the presence of these tumors
  • Encourages research into the diagnosis and treatment of cranial nerve tumors.
  • Provides information upon request on physiotherapy and neuromuscular rehabilitation and the alleviation of post-surgical problems.

Who can become an ANAC member?

Membership in a group with similar experiences can be helpful to patients as well as family members and interested medical personnel. We welcome all individuals who have or had acoustic neuromas, their family members and friends, and other people interested in controlling, preventing and treating such tumors. Click here to become a member.

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