How you can help

How You Can Help

Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada's (ANAC) work is made possible by the generous support of corporations and foundations, and hundreds of Canadian citizens.

By developing the connection between people with an acoustic neuroma through peer-led support programs, ANAC empowers individuals to face their acoustic neuroma head-on, address the challenges they face and take control of their health.

ANAC is working together to improve the health of those impacted by this rare tumour — now and for the future.


ANAC's cause-related marketing program provides companies with the opportunity to put their brand, marketing power and people behind those impacted with an acoustic neuroma to live full and productive lives with their new norm.

We collaborate with corporations who have a solid history and strong brand image, and who would like to make a difference to the millions of Canadians living with this brain tumour. Our cause-related marketing campaigns can vary in their scope and design, but the result is a win-win situation -- companies increase their sales, ANAC secures critical funding to help support the delivery of our mission, and consumers know that a portion of their purchases is going directly toward an important cause.